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Tranquilizer Rifle

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TRQ_203-C Tranquilizer Rifle
Weapon TRQ 203-C Tranquilizer Rifle.png
Weapon Stats
Credits Cost Unknown
Damage Output 50 (Max)
Ammo Capacity 6 (12 Max)
Rate of Fire 20 (Max)
Accuracy 75
Recoil 40
Reload Speed 35

Tranquilizer Rifle is one of the Rifle Weapons in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Description[edit | edit source]

TRQ 203-C is a non-lethal modification of the Steiner-Bisley Longsword meant for sedation and capture of large animals (or humans) so that they can be safely handled. It is very accurate at long range but can fire only a single round before requiring a long reload. The TRQ fires .50 cal PPS shells that deploy a syringe that delivers a drug load that induces torpor and unconsciousness (no effect on non-organic targets).

Mods: Laser

Ammo: Tranquilizer Darts

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