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The Dvali

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The Dvali is one of the Factions in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Dvali.png

The current head of the Dvalis in Prague, and the areas in and surrounding the Czech Republic, is Radich Nikoladze. His power is consistently under challenge from other close resident cousins of the Dvali family such as the Botkovelis. Another family, the Kadleks, remains influential but unlikely to assume control due to their native Czech roots.

In 2029 the criminal activities of the Dvali family are varied and widespread: Arms trafficking, drug distribution (including black market Neuropozyne), theft, extortion, smuggling, gambling, and prostitution. Slow to embrace new technologies, they have only recently begun exploring the possibilities of cybercrimes such as hacking, electronic theft, and illegal tracking, although they are perfectly at home with finding clients online, and covering their tracks while doing so.

But the primary criminal activity in which the Dvali family excels is trafficking human beings, either willingly as fugitives from the law or unwillingly as slaves. With a smoothly-functioning pipeline already in place across Europe and parts of the Middle East, the Dvalis are well-situated to capitalize on Human Augmentation Technology, treating kidnapped Augs as just another – and very lucrative – specialty item on the prostitution menu. And when transporting live cargo proves impractical, they are quite content to traffic the Augmentation parts alone, acquiring them through whatever means necessary.

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