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Tarvos Security

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Tarvos Security is one of the Factions in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Background[edit | edit source]

Tarvos Security.png

A private security company that has risen to prominence in recent years, Tarvos Security Services is fast becoming one of the most profitable security outfits in the world. They offer a range of protection services — everything from civil law enforcement, riot control, and personal protection, to protective evaluations, surveillance and risk management solutions, and site security. They are, essentially, a for-hire police department with the quality control of a privately-owned firm.

As a company, Tarvos prides itself on finding the most qualified, non-augmented employees around the world and training them to be even better. A mix of ex-military and law enforcement officers work for them, many of whom were previously employed by the private military corporation, Belltower Associates. Company brochures insist, however, that no one at their corporate or executive level has worked for the disgraced PMC, nor are any of Tarvos’ current contractors mechanically-enhanced. Not anymore, that is.

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