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Lancer Rifle

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762-TS Lancer Rifle
Weapon 762-TS Lancer Rifle.png
Weapon Stats
Credits Cost 4750
Damage Output 85 (100 Max)
Ammo Capacity 3 (Max)
Rate of Fire 5 (Max)
Accuracy 85
Recoil 70
Reload Speed 40

Lancer Rifle is one of the Rifle Weapons in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Description[edit | edit source]

Assembled on the SB-762 frame (receiver) and firing 7.62x51mm NATO rounds, the 762-TS ‘Lance’ is a long-action rifle that is highly accurate and stable. The bolt-action does mean a slower reload speed, but that is more than made up for by its versatility.

This weapon has a muzzle weapon modification slot for a silencer and can have its damage output increased at the cost of crafting parts. It uses battle rifle armor piercing rounds as ammunition.

Mods: Silencer

Ammo: Armor Piercing

Where To Get[edit | edit source]

During Main Mission 07 in "The Throat" area. Requires the player to use the "second" mobile platform to explore the leftward areas. Found inside a housing unit unlocked with Remote Hacking (1st level), in a weapons locker.

Also during Main Mission 07, in ARC territory. After arriving to the restricted area and watching the cutscene, two ARC members may be found playing cards above you. Above them, in their cone of vision, is another area containing a weapons briefcase with the rifle.

During Side Mission 09 enter the control room of the hotel. The room number is 95 and is the center room of the third floor. Jump up on the kitchen cabinets. These go along the room and contain numerous pieces of loot including a Lancer Rifle.

It can also be purchased from Mikael's shop in the northeastern corner of Prague. While not available immediately, it is made available before the completion of Main Mission 12.

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