Hugh Darrow

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Hugh Darrow is one of the Characters in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.





  • Born in 1973.
  • Purchases a struggling prosthetics manufacturing company in England and incorporates Darrow Industries in 1996.
  • Entrepreneur Haydon Suyong borrows 50 million Euros in 2011 from Hugh Darrow to open the first health care clinic in China that caters exclusively to prosthetic-equipped patients.
  • Haydon Suyong repays the last million Euros of his original debt in 2019 to Hugh Darrow while simultaneously opening the 125th L.I.M.B. International clinic in Utah.
  • Millionaire Hugh Darrow fires his entire research staff in 2020 and begins selling off Darrow Industries' satellite complexes. Speculations regarding his plans for an early retirement abound.
  • Through third party negotiators in a secret deal with the United Nations that passes without any public scrutiny, Hugh Darrow purchases Omega Ranch. By Christmas 2021, a new team of researchers moves in.
  • Triggered by Hugh Darrow’s broadcast from Panchaea in 2027, in an event that forever afterward will be known as The Aug Incident, augmented individuals worldwide suffer psychotic episodes, attacking people and causing the greatest loss of life in recorded history. Densely populated, augmentation-friendly cities suffer the most.
  • In the Arctic Sea, rescue crews swarm over Panchaea, searching for survivors. David Sarif is one of the few pulled out alive; Hugh Darrow, Zhao Yun Ru, and Bill Taggart top the list of missing and presumed dead. By mid-November 2027, the rescue effort will be downgraded to one of recovery and the world will turn its attention elsewhere.