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Devastator Shotgun

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Devastator Shotgun
Weapon Devastator Shotgun.png
Weapon Stats
Credits Cost 4875
Damage Output 70 (85 Max)
Ammo Capacity 32 (Max)
Rate of Fire 50 (Max)
Accuracy 30
Recoil 60
Reload Speed 20

Devastator Shotgun is one of the Shotgun Weapons in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Devastator is an upgraded version of the Widowmaker Tech-1 by Military Arms of Ostrava (MAO). This self-loading shotgun fires 12 gauge cartridges, sporting a drum magazine that greatly increases its rate of fire as well as its shell capacity. With its wide area-of-effect and damage capability, few weapons can compare when it comes to portable room-clearage.

Mods: None

Ammo: Armor Piercing

Where To Get[edit | edit source]

One can be found in a locker on the lower floor of the Makeshift Police Station during SM12: K is for Každý

There is also one available in the Apex Centre (London) in the Central Security Office's Weapons Locker.

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