Darrow Industries

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Darrow Industries is one of the Corporations in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.



  • Hugh Darrow purchases a struggling prosthetics manufacturing company in England and incorporates Darrow Industries in 1996.
  • Darrow Industry researchers successfully intertwine PEDOT-electrodes with live neural cells in 2002, creating a biocompatible matrix that better enables acceptance of prosthetic materials by organic tissue.
  • Darrow Industry researchers create a revolutionary biosensor in 2005 which vastly improves the connection between the human nervous system and artificial limbs.
  • Darrow Industries publishes the first genetic test capable of determining an individual‘s compatibility to mechanical augmentation in 2011.
  • Millionaire Hugh Darrow fires his entire research staff in 2020 and begins selling off Darrow Industries' satellite complexes. Speculations regarding his plans for an early retirement abound.