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Battle Rifle

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Model 762 Battle Rifle
Weapon Model 762 Battle Rifle.png
Weapon Stats
Credits Cost Unknown
Damage Output 60 (75 Max)
Ammo Capacity 10 (Max)
Rate of Fire 10 (25 Max)
Accuracy 50
Recoil 70
Reload Speed 40

Battle Rifle is one of the Rifle Weapons in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Model 762 is Steiner-Bisley’s entry into the intermediate-caliber assault rifle class. Built on a polymer and aluminium receiver, it is lightweight and modular - a versatile semi-automatic weapon that fires 7.62x51mm NATO rounds, providing it with impressive stopping power.

Mods: Holosight, Scope, Laser

Ammo: Standard, Armor Piercing

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