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10mm Pistol

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Zenith CA-4 10mm Pistol
Weapon Zenith CA-4 10mm Pistol.png
Weapon Stats
Credits Cost Unknown
Damage Output 15 (30 Max)
Ammo Capacity 15 (38 Max)
Rate of Fire 25 (53 Max)
Accuracy 20
Recoil 30
Reload Speed 50

10mm Pistol is one of the Handgun Weapons in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Description[edit | edit source]

Steiner-Bisley’s CA-4 10mm, which fires 10x25mm ammunition, is an updated version of the popular Zenith 10mm. As lightweight as its predecessor, the semi-automatic CA-4 is even more versatile, making it as popular in the boardroom as it is in the alley. It still offers the same quick rate-of-fire, average ammunition capacity, standard reload time, and regular damage capability.

Mods: Silencer, Laser, Full Auto

Ammo: Standard, EMP

Where To Get[edit | edit source]

Can be picked up from most Enemies, and also be given to on the first mission by selecting lethal.

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